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What Happens to My Dress?

NewlyMaid has two main methods of processing your trade-in dress.



Qualifying dresses that are 100% polyester will be recycled using the latest technology. For the first time, new methods are available to break down polyester to create new polyester yarn. The new filament is woven into new polyester fabric and then used to manufacture new garments. NewlyMaid is participating in a program with Unifi to recycle polyester. Future styles will include certified Unifi Repreve fabrics. To learn more about Repreve, visit: http://www.repreve.com/WhatIsRepreve/AUniqueRecycledProduct.aspx



NewlyMaid has partnered with Clothes4Souls, which will be the recipient of all garments in good wearable condition. Please visit http://www.clothes4souls.org/ to learn more about how this organization brings shoes and apparel to people in need around the world.